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"Drafts and projects"


How do I develop websites?

The development of an internal site is a constant dialogue between customer and developer.
The customer's ideas must be combined with the "feasible". This includes advice on the costs of a website.
What is necessary, what is not required. Legal conditions (copyrights, images, etc.) must also be complied with.
Data protection is a matter of course!

How is a website created?

What should the site be called?

"In the short, the spice is there!"
The customer should be recognizable and the name memorable.
With the NOMINET www.nominet.uk can you query and check the name of a UK-Website.

Finding a provider

An Internet service provider (ISP) is an organization that provides a variety of services for access, use, or Internet participation. Internet service providers may be organized in various forms, such as.B in commercial, community, non-profit or other forms.
The ISP stores the website that has been released for publication on the Internet. From there, the browser on the Internet (physically) "loads" the page by calling it (www.name.xy). Providers offer levels that meet different needs and vary in cost depending on storage needs and services.
In most cases, the name (domain) of the intended website can also be checked for availability.
Note: The provider is only necessary after completion and acceptance by the client. During the development phase, I make the state of development available for viewing and testing purposes under my page (www.gctask.eu/namexy/index.html).
Here, the customer can view and check the development status of the site at any time, and of course communicate wishes and changes or even errors.

What should the website look like?

There are so-called templates on the Internet, i.e. templates for various industries, associations, associations, etc.
For example, at www.free-css.com there are countless working sample pages for free use.
Once the customer has chosen a pattern, I can design the color scheme and the general structure; and also include images and texts of the customer in the template.
The question is also important for the appearance of the website: How is the page displayed in various browsers, on the mobile phone, the laptop, etc. That's why the design of a website is always a compromise between the "feasible" and how it is presented!

My highlights

I am happy to edit the materials provided (templates, images, films, gifs, texts) and prepare them "in accordance with the network". I am extremely happy to create icons, small animations (gif's) and logos. Another important point is the revision, adaptation or redesign of existing websites. Additional programming, provider and maintenance costs must be taken into account for Internet shops!