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I warmly welcome you to my WEBSITE

I have been involved in EDP, IT and web design since 1978.
  Telecommunication technician is my first apprenticeship,
  followed by IT experience and training as a console operator
  in the data center of a large banking institution
  and with a major tour operator.
  Self-employed since 1984.

My knowledge and experience spans
Programming and script languages (Assembler, Basic, Cobol,
PL1, Pascal, SPS, Java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS),
graphic animations (GIF's, Logos, Icons, Thumbnails),
as well as image processing, color and text design (with Adobe products,
Coreldraw, MS products and Open Office).

I create websites with passion, planning and experience
in the best function and quality.
I conceive, design and implement websites from the start.
Where others "get stuck" I will take you further!

An important point of my job is the care,
Maintenance and updating of WEB sites!

I am also happy to help you find a provider,
Finding a name and publishing your
WEBSITE, your business card on the Internet
at affordable conditions.

Challenge me at: rspostbote@aol.de

Richard Schraitle

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